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Superintendent Briefing March 2, 2018

 "Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming"
                                                                                                                                John Wooden
Commonsense steps that should be taken now to ensure school safety.
 1.      Points of entry to schools and school grounds should be limited and controlled, staffed by an adult trained to determine if potential visitors belong there or not.
2.       Teachers and students need to become “situationally aware,” meaning that they will notice, and report, behavior among their peers that seems concerning, or the presence of people who don’t belong in the school at all.
3.       Relationships between school officials and local law-enforcement and first-responder agencies (completed through SRO) be established long before disaster strikes.  Response protocols (SRP) should be clear and understood by all parties.
4.       As backup, schools also should have strategically placed telephones for making 911 calls.
5.       Schools need well-designed disaster preparedness plans (SRP) that are familiar to staff and students and that have been practiced regularly.
6.        Wireless panic alarms could be easily and inexpensively made available in every school, especially for those responsible for access control.  If a situation warranting concern arises, an alarm could be sounded to simultaneously alert the school, SRO, and local law-enforcement.

The research is clear.  Being a positive leader is not just a nice way to lead.  It's the way to lead if you want to build a GREAT culture, unite your school/district in the face of adversity, develop a committed team and achieve greatness and superior results.   The Power of Positive Leadership


Neb. district makes transition to inclusion model
Neb. district makes transition to inclusion model
Teacher training and peer training for students have been utilized as a Nebraska school district increases inclusion of students with special needs in general education. Teachers received training on how to educate students of all abilities, while students were taught how they were expected to interact with students with special needs, district officials said.
North Platte Telegraph (Neb.) (2/24) 
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        McDonald Elementary's  first PBiS video  
                 Restroom Expectations 

All schools are developing school wide behavior plans during the 2017-18 school year via school-based PBiS teams.  PBiS Teams have been working with NDE coaches to complete the following activities to be implement in 2018-19 school year.

Schools are in different stages in the process but most have been focusing on the umbrella expectations for their school. These umbrella expectations include hallways, restrooms, recess, and cafeteria to name a few.  System and school-wide PBiS Model aligns with our purpose of ensuring safe, productive learning.

National Honor Society - Pam Drake and Alice Boyer
Student Council - Kirk Livingston

Thank you to the NPHS National Honor Society and Student Council members and staff for sharing your greatness.  It is a representation of who we are and another example of the greatness occurring at NPHS.  Keep up the great work!!!

Note from Trudy Merritt . . .

Dear Dr. Hanson,

                I would like to congratulate the North Platte High School National Honor Society and members of the Student Council for the exemplary volunteerism they showed in the North Platte Recreation Department’s recent special event, “Wonders in Winterland” Daddy/Daughter Dinner and Dance.  This is one of the largest events for our department, and the students’ involvement has elevated the quality of the event in many ways.
                These students helped with many facets of the event organization from securing and organizing volunteers, preparing the music for the dance, and helping with the pre-event function where they showed exceptionally positive interactions with our elementary student attendees.  They were remarkable, charming, caring and engaging.  There interaction with our young attendees and their parent was inspiring.  Special recognition goes to Whitney Miller who secured volunteers that included Miss Nebraska and Miss Nebraska’s Outstanding Teen; Jake French, who secured volunteers, organized the music and spearheaded communications, and Thomas Hoatson who helped with all aspects of the event and was the lead during the event.  Every student exceeded expectation.
                Please congratulate these young leaders and their sponsors for a job well done!

Trudy Merritt
Recreation Leader; Aquatics/Fitness/Wellness

Platte River Fitness Series Director

Nebraska documentary on the community’s role in education coming to North Platte.

Events will feature an interactive Q&A session with the local residents and community members.

WHAT: Nebraska Loves Public Schools – a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting public education through film – will host a live community forum of its documentary film, Standing Up to Poverty in North Platte, NE on March 28th.  
This will be broadcast live on News Channel Nebraska TV and streamed live on
In traveling across the state, visiting dozens of schools and interviewing hundreds of educators about the most pressing issues in education, there’s an overarching theme in all of the stories they’ve filmed to date: poverty has an impact on a child’s ability to learn.

When a student is hungry, sick, tired, falling behind, not ready to be in school or simply can’t speak English, schools must take on an added responsibility and meet the basic needs for every child before approaching academics. With nearly two in five Nebraska children living in low-income households, the issue of poverty in education needs a community’s collective impact and continuous support to find the most effective solutions and pave the way for success. Watch Standing Up to Poverty to learn how we can all make an impact in our local community and state.

The event will feature:
● A screening of Standing Up to Poverty
● A Q&A with: Community members and school leaders

EVENT DETAILS: North Platte, NE | 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
North Platte High School Performing Arts Center

Free to the public

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